A great way to bring new audience to listen to your show, is the use of short video clips.
Audioburst Creators allows you to automatically turn your episodes into short simple videos that can draw attention to your content when posted to your website, favorite social channels, or on video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Pro tip: Create videos for the perfect Instagram post of your burst!

To create an audiogram video from your podcast, locate the audio clip that you want to use on the Show highlights page. Tap the ‘More Options’ menu icon and then select ‘Create video’, or click on the video icon next to your burst.


Now that you are on the Video Creation page, select the video format, according to the platform you would like to post your video on, and upload the image you would like to use for your video (Make sure the image you select meets the minimum recommended resolution):

Once you've uploaded your image, hover over the title, and modify it as needed.
Fill out the "Photo by" field if you need to give credit for the image you used, of you can remove this field altogether.
When you are done, click save:

Once you are done, you will see your video being processed. 

Note that, depending on the size of your burst, video processing can take a few minutes.
Feel free to navigate away from this page, and edit more bursts, Creators will continue to process your video in the background.

Once created, you can view all of your videos by navigating to the ‘Video bursts’ page via the sidebar.

To play your video burst, tap on the burst's icon image to launch the video burst player.

To upload the video to your website, share on social media, or post on a video platform, you will need to download the video.

You can hit the download icon for the specific burst on the 'Video bursts' page, or you can tap the three dots in the lower right hand corner of the video burst player and select 'Download' from the drop down menu.

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