Audioburst offers multiple deployment and integration options based on your needs. These options include an embedded player, iOS and Android SDKs, as well as fully customizable APIs.

The information below should help you decide on the best option for you.

  • Embedded Player - choose the embedded player if you don’t already have a player on your web/mobile site, and you’d like to add both the Audioburst player functionality and design aesthetic to your site  
  • SDK  - download and integrate the iOS or Android SDK into your app. This solution is suitable for native apps that do not have an existing player
  • APIs - use our APIs if you already have a player on your web/mobile site or in your app and you want to enhance your customers’ experience with Audioburst functionality. Our APIs are available in multiple coding languages, including Curl, C#, Java, JavaScript, ObjC, PHP, Python, and Ruby

After choosing an integration method, you have the option to send it directly to your developer! Just enter the developer's email address and click  ‘Send.’

Once you’ve selected your integration method, click the ‘Take me to my players’ button to view your new player!

Get started with Audioburst Studio:

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