Audioburst Studio is a SaaS platform that empowers websites’ and apps’ owners to leverage their users’ experience with premium audio-talk content, curated from over 4,000 different radio and podcast shows. 

Following  a simple and user-friendly 4-steps wizard you will be able to integrate our slick player with a unique audio-talk playlist to your app and website. 

The platform offers pre-built playlists recommended by our content experts team, as well as the ability to choose your own topics out of a list of more than 100 (!) different topics.
We offer multiple integration options, from embedded player, to SDK and full APIs access.

Audioburst Studio offers the unique, tailor-made audio-talk experiences that users crave for, in a fly. Sign up today and start leveraging the power of audio content!

Get started with Audioburst Studio:

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