Want to learn more about the performance and usage of your audio players?

Click on the ‘Analytics’ tab within the Audioburst Studio dashboard to deep dive into your players’ data.

From the dashboard you can learn:

  • How many users have seen your playlists
  • How many bursts they have listened to 
  • Your users’ total listening time, as well as their average listening time
  • The number of users accessing your player by device

Based on this information, you can optimize the content of your playlists to further increase user engagement.

Note: The statistics listed on the Analytics page currently reflect the totals for all of your players combined.

Our team is currently hard at work, adding the ability to view the analytics for each of your players separately. We expect to implement the feature shortly, so check back soon! 

Get started with Audioburst Studio: https://studio.audioburst.com

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