Now you that your podcast has been uploaded on Audioburst Creators, where are all your episodes?

Note: when you first sign up for Creators, allow a few hours for all your episodes to upload on to the platform. We will send you an email as soon as the first episode is ready, so no need to keep checking 😊

You will find your last 10 episodes of your podcast on the "Show Highlights" page:

Although Creators will only display your podcast last 10 episodes, any episode that aired after the podcast's RSS feed was submitted to Creators, is still available.

Check out how easy it is to share short audio clips of your older episodes (Bursts) with Creators!

Simply run a search by keyword in the episode title, or even in the transcript. The search will return all relevant episodes, even if they are not part of the last 10 aired, with full functionality 😊

For step by step instructions, read this short article on "How to search in your content".

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