So you've selected your industry and decided that 'The Topics Playlist' is the perfect one for your users?
Awesome! But guess what? Your options don't end there!
You can pick one of the Audioburst curated playlists, or take complete control, and create your very own playlist by choosing between from hundreds of  100+ topics.

Ready to get started?
Select "Create playlist"!

On the next screen, you'll have a set of predefined topics already built into your playlist... but hey, if you don't like these topics, just click the ‘X’ to remove any that aren’t your style:

Next, take a look at the menu on the right and choose the topics you'd like to include in your playlist. Pro tip: We have tons of topics to choose from, so using the search bar may be quicker!

First, click on the main category that interests you–for example, let's take ‘Sports and Recreation.’ 

Once selected, you'll see many topics to choose from, such as ‘NFL’ and ‘NBA.’ Review your options and then check the ones you want to include in your playlist. 

Accidentally checked a topic? No worries, just click it again to remove the check. 

From here the sky's the limit... well, almost! We do cap it at 11 topics per playlist 😊

Click here to learn about Audioburst Studio Stories Playlist option.

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