Looking for a way to share the best moments of your show with prospective listeners?

With Audioburst Creators, sharing a unique playlist of your content is easy. In fact, if you've been creating bursts of your content, your show's perfect playlist may already be waiting for you! 😊

Each time you fine-tune a burst on the platform, Creators not only automatically adds it to your podcast's 'Show page,' but we also add it to a unique playlist of content sourced just from your show.

(Take a look at these articles for step by step instructions on how to use the burst editor and how to fine-tune bursts to increase your show's discoverability)

To check out your podcast's playlist, follow these steps:

Head to your 'Show page' and click 'Play all' to access your playlist:

The playlist will contain all of your edited bursts:

Copy and paste the URL from the browser's window to easily share your show's best moments with all of your fans! 😊

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