Whatever your podcasting needs are, we have a plan for you!

To select a subscription plan, click on the "Admin" tab on your Creators' dashboard, and then go to "Plans":

Now you can select the plan that works better for you.

The Free Plan:

The Free Plan is a good solution for individuals with only 1 podcast, working mainly on their own, as this plan offers 1 podcast and 1 login.

Podcasters on the Free Plan can create and share an unlimited number of audio, and video bursts and enjoy unlimited Standard Transcription of all uploaded episodes (approximately 85% accuracy), as well as social sharing on one account per platform.

The Basic Plan:

The Basic Plan is the perfect plan for users with up to 2 podcasts.

Like the Free Plan, the Basic Plan comes with only 1 login, however, podcasters on the Free Plan can buy additional seats if they prefer to have multiple logins.

The Basic Plan, also comes with unlimited audio and video burst creation, but on top of the unlimited Standard Transcription, this plan also comes with 8 hours a month of Premium Transcription (approximately 97% accuracy).
Users can also purchase additional time of Premium Transcription as needed.

The Basic Plan allows social sharing on one account per platform.

The Pro Plan:

If you are a user with more then 2 podcasts, you may want to opt for the Pro Plan (up to 5 podcasts on the same account).

The Pro Plan comes with 3 seats (additional logins available), and allows for seamless collaboration between colleagues through a hierarchy of roles with different levels of permissions.

The Pro Plan also offers unlimited audio, and video burst creation, as well as unlimited free Standard Transcription, however, it includes 20 hours a month of Premium Transcription (additional time is also available for purchase).

This plan is perfect for users who have more than one account per social platform, as it allows social sharing on multiple accounts.

The Agency Plan:

This plan is for the more prolific podcasters. It allows up to 12 shows per account and comes with 5 seats with a hierarchical collaboration setup (additional logins are available). In addition to everything offered on all other plans, the Agency Plan includes 45 hours of Premium Transcription (additional hours available), and social sharing on multiple accounts.

Whatever your podcasting needs are, we got you covered! :)

If you have any questions about any of the plans, please feel free to contact us via chat, or email us at support@audioburst.com.

We are always here to help!

Visit us at https://audioburst.com/creators

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