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Navigating Audioburst Creators
Navigating Audioburst Creators

Learn how to navigate the Creators platform

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Before we get started with all of the Audioburst Creators features, some quick notes on navigation:

Header Bar:

At the very top of Creators, you will find your Podcast title, Search Field, And Profile tab.

Podcast drop-down menu
If you have multiple podcast linked to your Audioburst Creators account, you can use this drop-down menu to select which podcast you want to work with during your session. You can also add additional shows by selecting ‘+ Add a podcast.:

Search Field
Search your content by keyword in the title, or the transcript.
Note that although Creators only displays the last 10 episodes of your podcast, all episodes aired after you submitted the podcast's RSS feed in Creators are available, and can be retrieved via a search.
More in-depth instructions here: "How to search in my Content"

Profile / Sign Out drop-down menu
Use this drop down to edit your Profile or Sign Out from Creators.

Profile tab

Side Bar
Now let's move to the side bar of the platform...use the sidebar to navigate between sections of the Creators tool. The sidebar can also be collapsed by clicking the ‘<’ sign in the lower right-hand corner.

Creators Side Bar

Show Highlights Tab:

The Show Highlights page is the heart of the platform. Here you will find your last 10 episodes of your podcasts, their audio, transcripts, and bursts:

My Bursts Tab:
on this page you will see a list of all the bursts you created (edited):

Video Burst Tab:
On the Video Burst page, you will see a collection of all the Video Bursts (Audiograms) you created.
Note that you can also create a Video Burst directly from this page. Video Bursts are extremely effective ways to capture audience attention and generate traffic! For step by step instructions on how to create a video burst: How to create a video burst (podcast audiogram)

Analytics Tab:
This page is under construction and will contain information on how your bursts are performing:

Show Page Tab:
This is where you will start adding your personal touch and branding to your Creators page, fill out as much of this page as you can, and give listeners a way to check you out on your website, social media accounts, or to listen to your bursts:

Get started with Creators here:

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