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Fine-tune your bursts to increase Podcast Discoverability
Fine-tune your bursts to increase Podcast Discoverability

The importance of editing your bursts

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As soon as your podcast is uploaded to Creators, you immediately gain access to Audioburst's awesome suite of podcast promotion tools. Amongst these tools are  short audio clips of your episodes (bursts), and episode transcripts. 

But wait...there is more!! 😉

Although Audioburst's AI will create bursts of your episodes, it's best to take a little time to edit your bursts. Fine-tuning your bursts is very simple with our burst editor, and it's a very effective way to increase your show's discoverability and distribution. 

 Still not convinced? Here are 4 benefits to optimize your bursts:

Your best podcast moments showcase:

When you customize your bursts, Creators will place them in an easy-to-share personal playlist. Adding tailored bursts allows you to showcase your podcast's most significant moments, giving your potential audience a taste of your show. From this page, your users can also get access to your social media pages, your website, and see where they can subscribe to your podcast.

To access your personal showcase playlist:

  • Click on your "Show Page" on the lefyt side of your screen

  • Tap "Visit your page"

  • Select "Play all"; right on your page banner.

Note: the option to "Play all" will only be visible if you have customized bursts in the Burst Editor

Use relevant burst tags:
Tags are an extremely powerful and valuable asset when it comes to podcast discovery. Although Audioburst's AI will automatically assign tags to your bursts, making sure they are relevant, adjusting those tags and adding additional relevant terms can drastically increase your podcast's discoverability. The information is saved as part of the burst's metadata, and exposed to search engines, potentially increasing your show's exposure and reach.

Select a burst category:
Much like with tags, Audioburst's AI will automatically assign a category to your bursts. While our tech is pretty savvy, it's worth it to make sure the category selected is the best available option for your show. 

This step is important, as it makes sure your bursts are pushed to the most relevant playlists, increasing your show's distribution.

Make your burst stand out:
And of's always a good idea to edit your burst images.
Grab your audience's attention with personalized icons that show your podcast;s personality 😊

Customizing your bursts only takes a couple of minutes, so log in to Audioburst Creators and take our Burst Editor for a spin!

Click here for more information on how to use the burst editor

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