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Where is my latest Episode?
Where is my latest Episode?

Troubleshooting missing episodes

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Your show's latest episode has aired, you can't wait to share it on Social media, but it's not on your Creators account?! 

Let's fix it asap!

Although we are working hard to eliminate this issue altogether, at times it may happen that Creators isn't able to fetch one of your episodes.

Below are the most common reasons why your episode may not show on Creators, as well as troubleshooting tips:


Still processing...try again shortly:

Normally your episode will appear on Creators in less than one hour from publishing, however, longer episodes may require a little more time to process. 

Additionally, although it's rare, peak times may slow down our system's processing queue.

Please allow Creators a little more time to process your episode and try again in about one hour.

Did you change anything manually on your RSS file?

Creators will fetch your episodes according to the information available on your RSS feed file. 

Changing the RSS data manually, ie: audio file location, or name, may create a conflict with the data on Creators, resulting in an error.

If you believe this may be the cause of your missing episode issue, please email us at for assistance.

Did your RSS feed url change?

If you moved your podcast to a new host and your RSS feed url changed, Creators will no longer be able to fetch new episodes. Please contact with your new RSS feed url, and we will be happy to get you back online asap.

Have you checked your RSS feed?

As Creators fetches all data from your RSS feeds, any errors in your files may affect your account, and prevent your episodes from uploading correctly.

Make sure your RSS feed is valid. For more information on how to validate your RSS feed and the most common errors, check out this knowledgebase article: RSS feed errors.

As always, feel free to contact us via chat, or email us with any questions or for assistance..we are here to help! 

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