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Searching through your content on Creators is a breeze.
On the very top of your Creators platform, you will find the "SEARCH" field, where you can search through your content by keywords in the title, or even in the transcript.

Pretty straight forward, right?
But wait! There is more 😊

Although at the moment Creators only displays the last 10 episodes of your podcast on your "Show Highlights" tab, you can still access older episodes, as long as they aired after you signed up for Creators.
That's right, you can still access transcripts, share bursts (short audio clips of your podcast episodes) and create Audiograms (video clips of your bursts) of any episode that has been uploaded on Creators will always be available to you regardless of how old it is.
Enter a keyword in the episode's title, or even in your episode transcript, and Creators will bring up all your relevant episodes, even if they are no longer part of your podcast's last 10 episodes.

It's never too late to share your podcast's best moments and grow your audience with Creators 😊

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