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How to trim and expand your burst
How to trim and expand your burst

Learn how to control your bust content

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While Audioburst's AI segments entire podcasts' episodes into several great, and easy to share smaller clips (bursts), our users expressed interest in having more control over the content of each of their bursts.

As always...we listened! ๐Ÿ˜Š

With this new feature, users can create "the perfect burst" by trimming or expanding the amount of audio included, regardless of the original episode segmentation performed by the AI.

Pretty cool, right?
And it's all super easy to do!

First, on your "Show Highlights" select the burst you would like to edit, and click "Create a post" to access your burst editor.

To maximize your podcast discoverability and distribution, make sure you first edit the "Burst Info" section.
(Fine-tune your bursts to increase Podcast Discoverability).

The next section of the Burst editor is the Audio Trimming, with your burst, as created by the AI, the control panel, and right below, the burst's transcript.

To make the editing process even easier, when you play the burst, you can follow along with the corresponding part of the transcript, as it gets highlighted:

Play your burst, follow along with its transcript, and create the perfect burst by trimming it, or expanding it as desired.

Trim your burst:
To shorten your burst, simply slide the "In" and "Out" points of your burst as desired.
Note that you can follow along with the burst's transcript, as it's cut at the same time as the audio.

Pro Tip: For even more control, use the -0.5sec and +0.5sec button in the control panel to select your audio, and then cut it with the trimming tool:

Expand your burst:
Now...what if instead, you want to expand your burst to include content the AI did not originally include in your segment?
We got you covered! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Clicking on the 2min arrow on either side of your burst timeline will add 2 minutes to your audio:

You can repeat this process multiple times, adding even more content to your burst.

You may notice that even after you added extra minutes of audio to your Audio Trimming tool, your burst, highlighted in pink, will not change.

To include your additional audio to your burst, slide the "in" and "out" points of your burst to the desired spot:

Note: once you reach the beginning or the end of the episode, the 2min button will be grayed out, as it is no longer possible to expand the burst further.

Although we do not limit the side of your bursts, please keep in mind that sharing your content in short format is a very effective way to peak your listeners' curiosity and interest, generate traffic, and grow your podcast's audience.

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