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How to upload audio files to Creators
How to upload audio files to Creators
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Now with Audioburst Creators you can create short teasers for episodes before their release, share outtakes from unpublished material, or repurpose older content to your account using our new ‘Add audio’ feature!

Pretty cool, right?

Thanks to the new "Add audio" feature, premium Creators users can have any audio files transcribed, segmented, and available to share on social media within minutes, without needing to publish content to your podcast’s RSS.

The ‘Add audio’ feature currently supports mp3 files, and you can add files up to 300mb!

Manually add audio files to your Creators account in a couple of simple steps:

On the "Overview" tab, click on "Add audio"

If it's your first time adding an audio file, you’ll need to create a name for the collection where you’ll store your files:

Now that you have created your collection, you can start adding your audio files in mp3, M4A, Ogg, WAV, and MP4 format (note that even though MP4 is a video file, only the audio portion of the MP4 will be added to Creators).

Your files will be added to our system’s processing queue, and will be segmented and transcribed in the order they’re received. You won’t see them on your Show Highlights page until they’re processed.

It's really that simple! Give it a try, and if you have any questions or run into any snags, don't hesitate to contact us...we're here to help!

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