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Create a highlights reel playlist
Create a highlights reel playlist

Learn how to create a highlights reel from your best content

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With Creators you can now curate playlists that include all the best moments from any of your shows and episodes.

Premium users can access the ‘Create a Playlist’ feature via the Playlists tab. Showcase the best moments from your shows, or create themed playlists from different episodes - you can use them any way you like.

Offering your listeners highlights from your podcasts is a great way to engage with your audience, convert new subscribers, and introduce new shows. Embedding playlists to your website or blog helps increase your time-on-site.

Additionally, through the Audioburst Revenue sharing program, you can earn money every time someone listens to them! (for more info: monetize your playlists)

Make as many playlists as you want, edit them, and easily embed them on your website or blog. Find out how below!

Start by selecting the "Playlists" tab on your dashboard, and click "Create a Playlist":

Then select the show, episode, and burst you would like to include in your playlist, and click "Add":

Each burst on your highlights reel playlist player will have a fully customizable button. to drive traffic exactly where you want it. your podcast site, your website, YouTube, social media channels, affiliate stores, and so on.
Click on CTA, and select what text you want on the button, where the button should lead to, and which burst the CTA should apply to:

Repeat those steps until you’re happy with your new highlights reel playlist, and click "Save Playlist".

That's all! Your playlist is ready to be shared.

To embed the playlist, select the player you would like to display and copy the embed code to your website or blog:

Select the social media icons below to share your playlist:

You can edit, duplicate and listen to your playlist after you’ve saved it by returning to the ‘Playlists’ tab and hovering over the playlist card. You can also share it directly from this tab using the social media icons.

Pro Tip: You can create as many playlists as you wish, but make sure you edit and fine-tune all your bursts to create the perfect listening experience 😊

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