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Audioburst NFT Marketplace
Buying an NFT with cryptocurrency on Audioburst’s NFT Marketplace
Buying an NFT with cryptocurrency on Audioburst’s NFT Marketplace
Written by Yosi Wigman
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Paying by credit card? Go here.

Audioburst’s marketplace prices are listed in wETH - short for wrapped ETH, the cryptocurrency used on the Ethereum blockchain. You can learn more about wETH (and why it exists) here.

While it’s a complicated relationship, the Polygon network is built off, and works with, the Ethereum blockchain. It’s known as a ‘Layer-2’ aggregator. Dive in here if you’d like to learn more.

To get yourself wETH, we recommend buying MATIC, the Polygon network currency, and then converting that to wETH through the following process:

There are a few different ways you can purchase MATIC. The simplest will likely be to purchase via your MetaMask wallet.

On your computer, open the MetaMask extension near the top-right of your browser. It should look like this:

Then choose ‘Buy’ and scroll through the available purchase options. Be aware that the purchasing process can be lengthy, and the verification process is usually quite stringent.

When purchasing, make sure you’ve selected the Polygon Mainnet network as the destination you’d like the MATIC to be deposited into.

When the MATIC is in your Polygon Mainnet account you’ll need to swap it for wETH.

Choose ‘Swap’ and enter the amount of MATIC you’d like to convert. Keep in mind there will be a small conversion fee of around 1% that you’ll want to include in the amount you convert.

In the ‘Swap to’ field select ‘WETH’, click ‘Review Swap’, and ‘Swap’ in the following step if you’re satisfied with the quote.

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