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How to edit your episodes' transcripts
How to edit your episodes' transcripts

Learn how to edit the transcripts from within the Creators platform

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Audioburst's transcript creation is done completely automatically using NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology.

The Standard Transcription service offers approximately 85% accuracy, while the accuracy of Premium Transcription is at around 95%. Accuracy for both transcripts depends on many factors such as clarity of the recording, accents, environmental noises, and so on.

While we are continuing to work on improving our system's abilities, as with anything completely automated, it may sometimes fall short and needs some editing.
You can access your episode transcript from your Highlights Page, by clicking: "Full episode transcription" next to the chosen episode:

Or from the Transcription Tab, by selecting the chosen episode from the dropdown menu:

This will open the transcript of the selected episode.

Enable "Edit mode, and start making the desired edits directly to the text.
You can also listen to the episode using the player below, which can be slowed down to make it easier to follow along:

When you are happy with your edits, click "Save"....and you are all set!
All the edits made to the full episode transcript are now saved and will be reflected in the transcripts of the episode's bursts.

Download your transcript and paste it on your Website, blog, or wherever you post your bursts to increase your podcast SEO!

Pro Tip: Upgrade your account for Premium Transcription (Which Plan should I sign up for?)

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