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How to add a new podcast to your Creators account
How to add a new podcast to your Creators account
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If your Creators plan allows for more than one podcast and you would like to add additional ones, go on your "Overview" tab, and click "Add show":

You will be asked to submit your new podcast's RSS feed URL:

In just a few minutes the system will digest and upload the last 10 episodes of your podcast.
Don't want to wait around? We got you covered! 😊
Feel free to leave this page while Creators uploads your new podcast.
We will send you an email when your new podcast is ready!

Pro Tip: if instead, you want to upload unpublished content to Creators, you can do so by clicking "Add audio", and upload mp3s files directly on the platform (How to upload audio files to Creators).
Note: Creators will only recognize RSS feeds containing at least 1 episode.
If your podcast is brand new and has yet to air an episode, the system won't be able to add it to your account.
Come back to Creators and add your podcast once the first episode has aired.
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