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How to create / edit a burst
How to create / edit a burst

Learn how to use the burst editor to create the perfect burst

Written by Roni Kandel
Updated over a week ago

Although we are definitely on board with automation, we know that even the most sophisticated technology occasionally needs a helping hand.
With Creators, all of your audioโ€™s properties are customizable from the burst editor.

You can access the burst editor from the Show Highlights page by clicking on the "create Burst" on the top right-hand side of the page, or, if you already know which burst to edit, clicking on the "Create Burst" button next to it:

You can also go to your "My Bursts" page and click "Create Burst":

Now you are in the Burst Editor, where you can edit and perfect your burst information, adding, therefore, metadata that will increase your SEO, perfect the audio segment, and even create a video burst!
If you changed your mind on which burst to edit, scroll through the dropdown menu and select a different episode, and burst:

Let's go over each section of the burst editor:

Burst Information:

All bursts have title fields that are pre-populated with keywords obtained during the transcription process, and those you entered on your show page. If you need a title that is more specific, easily edit it to suit the channel and occasion.

Choose a category and a subcategory from the drop-down menu in the burst editor for your clip. Categories can make your audio more easily searchable.

Each burst comes with a set of generated tags. In order to ensure optimum SEO, you may want to alter them to suit your brand.

Click on the โ€˜xโ€™ located on the right side of a tag to delete it:

Click on the ย 

to add a tag:

Audio Trimming:
Here is where you can perfect your burst's audio content.
Play your burst, listen to the audio, and follow along with the highlighted transcript to create the perfect burst.
(For step-by-step instructions, check out this article on how to trim and expand your burst)

Create Your Video:
This part is optional, as you can also create a video for this burst at a later time...but it really just takes a few seconds, and it's so easy....why not do it now? ๐Ÿ˜Š
(For step-by-step instructions, here is an article on how to create a video (audiogram) of your burst)

Pro tip: some plans allow users to add captions to their videos with a click of a button!

Now click "Create a post", and Creators will prepare your audio and video bursts.
Note: Depending on the length of the video, the system may take a little time to process it.

Don't worry, feel free to roam away from this page, and create new bursts.
Creators will continue to work on the video in the background, and once it's ready, it will be waiting for you in the "Video Bursts" tab ๐Ÿ˜„.

When it's all done, you will see a screen just like this one:

Select the player you would like to display, and share it on your social media accounts, or embed it on your website, or blog!

If you want to modify or fine-tune your burst after you saved it, find it on the "My Bursts" page, click on the pencil icon, edit it, and share it:

Get started with Audioburst Creators:

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